7 6.0 A Word of Encouragement

You have chosen to pursue a course at WOU and we have confidence that you will succeed in this journey. The Course Coordinator and tutors are here to give you a helping hand. Remember that you are not alone in the pursuit of knowledge.

Think positively and be proactive in your studies. Work with your course mates and use the resources provided by WOU to enhance your understanding of the study material. You should study the course material regularly and make consultation to the right people. Sometimes, you may get interesting materials in the news which is also relevant to your study.

Remember, the aim of this course is to introduce you the knowledge of law and its related compliance procedures pertain to corporate administration. The rationale for acquiring knowledge in corporate administration gives you the cutting edge in advising the board of directors, shareholders and related party in matters relating to compliance management of corporation as compare to other executive who are ignorant of law. The knowledge of legislation put you in a better position to advise the board about what is the right thing to do. As we could not ignore law in our daily life as well as in business, it makes the course so relevant and study the law in relation to compliance even more exciting.

Attempt the questions in your course material regularly. You should select a section and try to answer all the questions. Then, you should move on to the next unit. You will gain more confidence as you attempt one question after another. To further augment your preparation, you should also attempt the specimen examination paper and discuss it with your peers.

Your tutor’s updates are very important. Read them regularly. Also, read the queries of other course mates and before reading the tutor’s reply, answer the queries yourself and then check your answer with your tutor. Do not hesitate to consult your tutor whenever you encounter any difficulty. Your determination and efforts will bring great result. All the best in your endeavours!


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