236 CCM’s operations

CCM’s operations

By knowing the operations of the respective divisions of CCM, a corporation could address its queries especially when there are issues in corporate compliance. It is advisable for corporations to subsequently manage those corporate compliance accordingly by understanding the structure, operations, scope and process flow of the respective divisions.

It is important for CCM to adopt its operations using a market based economy and market driven approach but not bureaucratic approach since it is a corporatised entity and have its own bottomline to meet. It is also an entity that is not dependent on funding by the Federal Government. Thus the structure and operations of the respective divisions serve to support a market driven corporation where its customers are corporate and business citizens.

The operations of CCM’s functions are divided into four key areas, namely:

1. Registration services division

This division is responsible for establishing a structured and effective companies and businesses registration process in addition to handling registration matters. Concurrently, it ensures the updating of corporate information according to the CCM Client Service Charter.

The Company Registration Section provides name search, incorporation and registration of general document services including documents relating to registration and satisfaction of charges. The Business Registration Section is responsible for registration of sole proprietorship or partnership, registration using personal name as stated in identity card or using trade name, registration for changes in business particular, registration for changes of business address, business types, changes of particulars on branches and changes of information of owner or partner, renewal of business registration and registration on termination of business.

There is also another section in this division. The Interest Schemes Section ensures that the holders of interest schemes obtain their user rights as promised in the trust deeds and the operators of interest schemes comply with the the following legislations: Division 5 of Part IV of the Companies Act 1965 and the Policy Guidelines and Requirements for Interest Schemes, Policy Guidelines and Requirements for Timesharing Arrangements, Policy Guidelines and Requirements for Sales of Club Memberships.

Furthermore, it also ensures that the trustees carry out their responsibilities in terms of protecting the interest of the interest scheme holders. Besides that, this section also ensures that the interest scheme industry is able to self-regulate, establish the best practices and produce an ethical industry.

A corporation that seeks to obtain approval from the Minister for an incorporation of a company limited by guarantee (CLBG), and all matters relating thereto and necessitate shall submit the application to CCM and those applications shall be coordinated and monitored by the Corporate Administration Management Section of CCM.


2. Marketing and business development division

This division’s function is to supply information on companies and businesses quickly and efficiently so as to improve the quality of service delivery that meets customer’s needs. In addition, the division also develops new products and services to increase the sources of revenue for CCM.

There are four sections in this division, namely:

a. Product and Business Development Section.

b. Customer Management Section.

c. Information Services Section.

d. Document Management Section.

As CCM is also a profit orientated entity, this division is established to identify alternative financial revenue channels and the needs of customers as well as predict customer behaviour through market research, develop new product concepts with the cooperation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) division, and collaborate with the Public Affairs Section to market products and services.

As corporations are CCM’s customers, corporations should note that the Customer Management Section may attend to their complaints and provide feedback to facilitate the development of the complaint management system in this section. This section is responsible for establishing customer service policies and procedures for use at the head office and branch/state offices, conducting and monitoring of the helpdesk/hotline service for the public, and undertaking proactive action to improve the quality of customer service.

A corporation requiring information over the counter or via post or other value-added information services should refer to the Information Services Section of this division. The Information Services Section also manages and maintains the facilities for searching documents and also provides product support services to customers.

The Document Management Section is the section that is responsible for the preparation, planning and arrangement of the management of company and business documents. Besides that it is also responsible for preparing procedures relating to the security of documents, maintenance of equipment, management of back-up systems and image quality as well as disposal of documents in CCM.


3. Corporate development and policy division

The division is mainly responsible for conducting legal research and reforms to ensure that the laws and regulations administered by CCM remain contemporary. In order to to achieve this, it also coordinates and enhances relations with other government agencies, regulatory authorities, professional bodies and international corporate administrators. It is also the provider of reports on statistical analysis or information from CCM’s database on the nation’s corporate and business environment. It is the division that undertake strategic planning for CCM by setting out corporate planning initiatives, project management and conduct monitoring activities of those corporate plans. This division also implements the knowledge management and corporate responsibility plans in CCM as part of the corporate govenance agenda of a corporatised entity.

The division comprises three sections, namely:

a. Law Reform, Policy & International Affairs Section.

b. Statistics, Strategic Research & Reporting Section.

c. Corporate Affairs Section.


4. Branch operations division

Complaints by a corporation on branch operations are channeled to this division. This division is the one stop centre for all matters pertaining to branch operations which include compilation of statistical data, secretarial services provided for branch operations meetings, contact point for branch requests and other administration matters, review of claims made by branch managers, review and monitor all branch operational procedures, and formulation of standard operating procedures. Budget for the whole branch operations is also the responsibility of this division.


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