246 Complaints


An investor (an individual or corporate retail investor or corporate or an institutional investor) may lodge the following complaints to the SC.

1. Complaints against public-listed companies.

2. Complaints against licensed intermediaries.

3. Complaints against share registrars.

4. Complaints against issuing houses.

5. Complaints against exchanges.

6. Complaints concerning dealings in unit trust.

7. Complaints concerning dealings in securities.

8. Complaints concerning dealings in futures.


The Complaints Department of the SC will assess the complaint. If it is found that the complaint is in relation to a non-securities law breach, the SC will refer the matter to the appropriate agency/agencies for further action and the complainant will be informed of the referral.

The complainant should receive an acknowledgement within 2 business days of receipt. If the complaint does not require a full fledged investigation by the SC, the Complaints Department will endeavour to resolve the matter within 15 business days. For complaints that require more time to be resolved due to the complexity of the case, the complainant will be notified of the status of the case every three months until the issues arising from the complaint are addressed.

All information and findings with respect to an investigation carried out by the SC are confidential pursuant to Section 148 of the Securities Commission Act 1993. The identity of the complainant is kept confidential at all times.

The complaint form is available at www.sc.com.my and should be faxed to the SC’s Investor Affairs & Complaints Department. Name of the complainant, mail and email addresses and telephone numbers and any website address of party(ies) mentioned in the complaint, and specific details of how, why and when the matter arose should be submitted as well.

However, a complainant must note that any action taken by the SC is taken on its own behalf. The SC cannot assist in contractual, monetary or private civil disputes. It does not conduct arbitrations and will not act as a lawyer or adviser. If losses are suffered, the aggrieved party will have to file his/her own claim, either on his/her own or by procuring services of a lawyer. A complaint regarding a monetary dispute not exceeding RM100,000 against a licensed intermediary should be referred to the Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (SIDREC). SIDREC is a body approved by the SC to handle monetary claims by investors against stockbrokers, futures brokers, fund managers and unit trust management companies, amongst others, who are licensed under the Capital Market and Services Act 2007, to conduct regulated activities in Malaysia. Queries to SIDREC can be directed to the Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (SIDREC).


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