210 Dissolution


In a winding up by the Court, the Court makes an order to release the liquidator and dissolve the company on the application of the liquidator when he/she has finished the given task (Section 239). The company is dissolved from the date of that order (Section 240).

When the affairs of the company are fully wound up in a voluntary winding up, the liquidator must summon a meeting of the company (for members’ winding up) or the company and creditors (for creditors’ winding up) (Section 272(1)), (Form 68). The liquidator must present an account of the winding up and the property disposed at this meeting. Within seven days of the meeting, the liquidator must file a return of the meeting with its date, and attach to this a copy of the liquidator’s account, (Form 69)) with the Registrar and the Official Receiver. Three months after the lodging of this return, the company shall be dissolved (Section 272(3)).

However, a dissolved company may be returned to the register (Section 307).


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