46 Form 24 – Return of allotment of shares

Form 24 − Return of allotment of shares

Form 24 refers to the return of allotment of shares under Section 54(1) of the Act.

Section 54(1) of the Act states that where a company makes any allotment of its shares or any of its shares are deemed to have been allotted under subsection (6) the company shall within one month thereafter lodge with the Registrar a return of the allotments stating –

a. the number and nominal amounts of the shares comprised in the allotment;

b. the amount, if any, paid deemed to be paid, or due and payable on the allotment of each share;

c. where the capital of the company is divided into shares of different classes, the class of shares to which each share comprised in the allotment belongs; and

d. the full name and the address of each of the allottees and the number and class of shares allotted to him.


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