234 Functions of CCM

Functions of CCM

CCM plays various functions with regard to proper administration and enforcement of the legislation under its powers. It is CCM’s responsibility to ensure administration, enforcement and compliance of the provisions of the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act. In doing so, it also administers, collects and enforces payment of prescribed fees or any other charges and regulate matters pertaining to corporations, companies and businesses. As CCM also adopts a market approach in its function, it also supplies corporate information under the laws it administers.

Research and commission studies on any matters relating to corporate and business activities are conducted by CCM. The CCM also advises the Minister of Domestic Trade and Industry generally on matters relating to corporate and business activities. Finally, it carries out all activities necessary and proper for the administration of the Companies Commission or for such other purpose as may be directed by the Minister.

A corporation with a knowledge and understanding of CCM functions would facilitate the parameters and the scope of CCM’s function. Due to societal change, any useful feedback that meets a corporate citizen’s objective and is also advantageous and proper for the administration of the Companies Commission and not existence at this material time can be channelled to CCM.


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