262 I-Akaun


EPF provides online facility in form of Member’s or Employer’s EPF online account. By having this account, the Member or Employer may use the online services offered by EPF.

The I-Akaun assist contributory member who wish to check his /her current and previous EPF statements, follow-up with withdrawal or application status and history, obtain estimates of eligible amount for withdrawals, savings and investments, current, and reconfirm nomination information. Contributory member who wish to update his/her profile include correspondences address also do so via I-Akaun. Current EPF transaction activities and I-Akaun Activities Log could be also accessed online.

A corporation who is an employer can access, edit and print Form A for crediting of contribution, check employees’ EPF numbers, and also register new EPF members. Any contribution with Incomplete Information shall also be notified online. Other than enabling employer to check current EPF transaction activities, an employer may also obtain provide I-Akaun activities log, and calculate the dividend for employer’s share (for Government employer)


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