277 Organisation chart of IRBM

Organisation chart of IRBM


IRBM is lead by the Board to whom a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to. The CEO is assisted by each of the Division Deputy Director Generals who head these Divisions respectively:

1. Compliance (Tax Compliance, Investigation, Corporate Tax, Multinational Tax)

2. Tax operations (Tax Operation, Revenue Collection, Information Processing)

3. Policy (Tax Policy, International Tax, Legal)

4. Management (Human Resource, Finance, Procurement and Asset, Security)


Other than the four Deputy Director Generals; four other departments report directly to the CEO. These departments are:

1. State Offices of IRBM ( Branches, Investigation Branches, Service Centre)

2. Inspectorate Department

3. Corporate Services Department

4. Tax Research Department

5. Malaysian Tax Academy

6. Risk Management Division

7. Intelligent Division


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