235 Powers of CCM

Powers of CCM

In order to discharge its role and responsibilities, CCM is conferred with powers. Such powers which is in line with the corporatisation of the ROC and ROB, grant the Commission the power to utilise all assets of the Companies Commission, both movable and immovable including obtaining loans by charging those assets. The Commission, in operating as a profit making entity, has the right to impose fees or charges for services rendered by the Companies Commission, provided that it is as prescribed by the Minister through regulations established under Section 40 of the Act.

To enable the Commission to achieve its objective as a profit making entity and also as a market approach driven entity, CCM is allowed to appoint agents, experts or consultants, as deemed necessary in aiding the Companies Commission to carry out its functions. CCM is also allowed to manage its employees and carry out human resource development as well as cooperative and financing programmes for proper and effective implementation of its functions. By collaborating and cooperating with other societies/organisations, bodies or government agencies and forming smart partnerships, it facilitates the mutual understanding betwen market and regulators in its regulatory function.


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