260 Registration for the Hajj with Tabung Haji

Registration for the Hajj with Tabung Haji

The Government of Malaysia has in its initative facilitate Muslims to withdraw savings from EPF for purposes of hajj. EPF members who are Muslims and have at least RM1,300 savings in their EPF Account 1 will be able to register for the Hajj with Tabung Haji (TH) in the beginning of 3 January 2012.

Under the facility ‘Pendaftaran Haji Ahli KWSP’ (EPF Members’ Hajj Registration), EPF members are no longer required to have the minimum RM1,300 in savings with Tabung Haji in order to register their turn for the hajj. In this respect, Account 1 was chosen to ensure that more members will be able to benefit from this facility.

Registration for this facility can be made at all TH counters, Bank Rakyat and Bank Islam branches nationwide, and the process will be in accordance with TH procedures. EPF members are required to bring along their MyKad and their latest EPF Statement, which can be obtained from the nearest EPF branch, EPF kiosk, or online via members’ respective i-Akaun. No withdrawal from their EPF savings is needed for this purpose.

In order to be eligible for registration, EPF members must be a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident of the Islamic faith. They must also be below 55 years and possess a savings account with TH. EPF Members without a TH account may open a savings account with TH with just a minimum of RM2.


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