239 Services of CCM

Services of CCM

CCM provides six services which are as follows:

1. My CoID

The Malaysia Corporate Identity Number or its acronym, MyCoID refers to the company incorporation number which is used as a single source of reference for registration and transaction purposes with other relevant Government agencies. With MyCoID, a corporation can utilise a single number derived from the incorporation number assigned by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) for registration, reference and transaction purposes with participating government agencies.

Incorporation of companies and simultaneous registration with the participating government agencies can be made via the electronic MyCoID gateway. This enables the starting of a business within one day.


2. E- Lodgement

e-Lodgement is CCM’s online lodgement system. A corporation’s and a business’s statutory documents can be lodged electronically. Customers may log on to CCM’s website www.ssm.com.my and proceed with the online transaction.


3. One day incorporation

The 1 day incorporation initiative is to facilitate the starting of a business. This enable customers to go to a single interaction counter for:

a. lodgement of name search application (Form 13A);

b. lodgement of incorporation documents (Form 6, Form 48A and Memorandum & Articles);

c. payment of prescribed fees;

d. payment for the post incorporation package; and e. payment for revenue stamps.


4. One hour registration of business

Entrepreneurs can register their new businesses at CCM within an hour. Registration can also be done online through CCM’s e-Lodgement services providing a whiz through cyber experience for all and especially to netpreneurs.


5. Business Registration Mobile Counter (BRMC)

This service facilitates the registration and renewal of business registration for traders as an alternative to SSM’s counter services. BRMC is classified into three categories:

a. Mobile counter

A mobile counter consists of a mobile registration team that moves from location to location according to a pre-planned schedule. Mobile counter also participates in exhibitions upon invitations from government agencies and private organisations.

b. Circuit counter

CCM’s circuit counter service is provided at the same location according to a pre-planned schedule and operates less than five (5) days in a week.

c. Service counter

The service counter is set up in an area of high business density. It operates daily during normal working hours. The first Business Registration Service Counter (BRSC) commenced its operation on 3 August 2009 at Selayang Municipal Council premises. It was followed by the second BRSC after the upgrading of the circuit counter at Kuala Lumpur City Hall to a service counter which commenced its operations from 1 February 2010.

The following services are offered through BRMC:

a. Registration of new businesses;

b. Renewal of business registration;

c. Registration of changes in registered particulars of business;

d. Registration for termination of business;


6. E- INFO

The E-Info system provides the following information at a fee:

a. Corporate information;

b. Registered and business address;

c. Summary of share capital;

d. Directors/ Officers;

e. Business information;

f. Current business owner;

g. Nature of business;

h. Business branches.


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