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In this sub unit, you have learnt about what SOCSO is. You have also learnt the rates, types and categories of contribution of SOCSO. Lastly, you have learnt the coverage provided by SOCSO. You would have observed that the establishment of SOCSO is also for the purpose of political governance of capitalism realities in a capitalist system. SOCSO has its obligations with regard to all the contributions made to SOCSO if it befits compensation under its compensation scheme. By knowing its organisation chart, roles, categories of contribution and compensation scheme; a corporation or injured workers or families of injured or deceased workers in course of work may seek recourse and make omplaints to Public Service Complaints Department also for its investigation.

Although it is an institutional investor, in that the funds be invested to derive income for compensation. SOCSO is a statutory body under the Act and can be accountable focal as a compensation scheme. This is the socialism aspect of a capitalist government in a capitalist system of economy.


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