172 Summary of Unit 3

This unit is concerned with share capital, limited liability of company, maintenance of share capital, introduction of prospectus, misstatement in the prospectus, and registration of charges. First of all, it delivered the knowledge on share issuance and the rights attached to respective type of shares and also the rule prohibiting and permitting share buy-back. Later, it introduced the legal document call prospectus. It’s content and key feature of the whole prospectus was discussed, including legislation and requirements for companies seeking admission to Bursa Malaysia. The recent development and application of electronic prospectus are also tabled for your understanding. The importance aspects of misstatement made in the prospectus, such as its legal implication caused by false or misleading information, material omission of fact from the prospectus were highlighted in order to understand the  repercussion of the misstatement. Lastly, the need to register a charge to secure the interest of property belongs to company was  discussed.


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