150 Supplemental prospectus

Supplemental prospectus

Section 42A of the Act states the following guidelines for supplemental prospectus that:

(1) If, after the registration of a prospectus, but before its issue, the person who lodged the prospectus became aware that –

(a) a significant new matter has arisen being a matter, the information of which is required by this Act or by any requirements or guidelines of any authority, to be disclosed in a prospectus;

(b) there has been a significant change affecting a matter disclosed in the prospectus;

(c) the prospectus contained a material statement that is false or misleading; or

(d) there is a material omission from the prospectus,

The person shall lodge with the Registrar a supplemental prospectus that contains information relating to the new matter or change or correct the false or misleading statement or omission as the case requires.

(2) A supplemental prospectus shall clearly identify the prospectus to which it relates and shall contain a statement in bold or coloured print that it is a supplemental prospectus to be read in conjunction with the prospectus.

(3) A supplemental prospectus shall be deemed to be part of the prospectus to which it relates and all written laws and rules of law as to the contents of prospectuses and to liability in respect of statements and non-disclosures in prospectuses or otherwise relating to prospectuses, shall apply and have effect accordingly.

(4) Where a supplemental prospectus has been lodged with the Registrar pursuant to subsection (1), every copy of the prospectus shall be issued, accompanied by a copy of the supplemental prospectus.


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