10 1.1 Type of companies


By the end of this sub unit, you should be able to:

1.   Explain various types of companies incorporated in Malaysia.

2.  Describe the effect of separate legal entity of company.

3.  Discuss the process of incorporation of various types of companies.



This sub unit will identify the types of companies that are usually incorporated in Malaysia. The concept of a company being a separate legal entity and its consequence will also be introduced. The landmark case “Salomon v Salomon & Co (1897)” which determines separate legal entity is highlighted for your understanding. Though it may not be compulsory, you could refer to Malaysian Company Law Principles and Practice, second edition by Ben Chan, Philip Koh and Peter Ling, Thomson Sweet & Maxwell Asia, p. 92 or Concise Principles of Company Law in Malaysia, second edition by Shanty Rachagan, Janine Pascoe, Anil Jashi, LexisNexis, p. 28 for further reading.


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