125 Unit overview

This unit highlights to you the basic knowledge of types of shares of a company. A good understanding on the procedures involve alteration of the share capital of a company and share buy-back by the company will not only help you in managing the compliance of a company, but it also allows you to manage the shareholders and having ability to advise directors of the company.

Furthermore, this unit introduces guidelines on prospectus. It begins with explanation of various sections of the Act in regards to prospectus, registration of prospectus and supplemental prospectus. The knowledge from legislation forms the fundamental principles to further understand the topic on prospectus.

Subsequently, it goes on to explain the types of registered charges and procedure for registration of charges. This is essential when the company need to raise capital in order to expand business. Some discussion on consequences for not registering the charges is also highlighted.

Lastly, the need for issuing prospectus by a public limited company and its relevant contents as per listing requirement of the Bursa Malaysia is also discussed.


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