Welcome letter

Dear Student,

Welcome to a new semester. BCS 202/05 Corporate Compliance Management a 5-credit basic major course within the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Corporate Administration (BBCA) programme. It is the first compliance course to be taken by all students wishing to complete their BBCA degrees.

I am Serena Kang, Course Coordinator of this course. You may view more information about me from WawasanLearn. Should you face any difficulty in your course of study, you are always welcome to contact the undersigned. However,  your  tutor  is  the  first person  you  could  contact  in  resolving  any matter  in relation to the course. Failing which, I will also assist you as well. Please remember that at Wawasan Open University, our aim is to create a friendly study environment for our students in their pursuit of achieving academic excellence.

This  course  aims  to  introduce  the  fundamental  knowledge  of  corporate  compliance  and  its  needs  in context of Malaysia. It serves as a basis to start a career in corporate administration at a later stage. A major role of the board of directors is to make quality decisions to safeguard the interest of shareholders, doing what is right without hidden agenda and strive to make decision on what is the best for the interest of the company. However,  in  the  last decade, we observed a  storm of  failure, corruption as well as negligence among principal officers of corporations. A strong, independent and sound board can make a significant difference in the performance of the company and at the same time it serves as check and balance of ethical obligation to the company‘s stakeholders.

Reading  the  contents of  this  course, you will  also  find great degree of  linkages of  law with day-to-day functions and the use of power by various parties mentioned. As powers are conferred upon them through the charter, abuse of such powers causes oppression and unjust. You will also discover the importance of the company and its separate legal entity status which gives rise to an entire different perspectives compare to your prior knowledge. This course will also expose you to the knowledge of legal position of chairman, secretary and members of body corporate and the processes of creation, management and winding up of the company.

It is my earnest hope that you will arm yourself with the legal knowledge which you can apply to a given situation and to resolve problems in respect of compliance.

I wish you all the best in your studies and enjoy the course.

Warmest regards,

Ms. Serena Kang Ah Geik
Course Coordinator
Email: serenakang@wou.edu.my


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